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How Win-Sam Leads in Central Energy Plant Best Practices

Best practices. Innovation. Cutting edge. All hot buzzwords. But what’s the practical application in a central energy plant?

Any organization knows it starts with the people on the team; the ones on the front lines every day, keeping plant equipment clean, safe and efficient. They’re the ones who have the ideas that can make our company better and better at optimizing your energy plant – and at saving you money.

At Win-Sam, we actively pursue those ideas.

Here’s how we do it.

1. REPORT. Every week, we collect reports from all our central energy plants. The reports include each manager’s methods for training team members, preventing problems and optimizing performance.

2. EVALUATE. We identify the best methods and divide them into three categories:

Required Items – Implement immediately if applicable.
Best Practices – Is your plant doing this? If not, why?
Safety Opportunities – Consider immediate implementation if applicable.

3. IMPLEMENT. We send the final list to all our central energy plants, so every plant can learn from the successes of the others. And with ideas coming from multiple plants instead of just one, we maximize that shared knowledge.

Win-Sam constantly evaluates what we’re doing and looks for ways to increase the efficiency and the lifespan of boiler and chiller equipment. And it all adds up to saving you money.

Want this kind of attention to detail in your CEP? Contact us.

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Rodger Commers, Current Plant Manager, Win-Sam Employee since 1975

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